Louise Leconte was born in Paris in the late eighties and raised in Brussels/

Her father is a filmmaker who tought her to appreciate and love pictures and images/

She took her first photograph when she was 7; the first of a series of pictures capturing her father as he proceeded to shave off his beard/

From the age of 16 she modelled in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands/

After graduating high school, she attended the prestigious Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de La Cambre (LA CAMBRE) in Brussels/

She completed a five-year Master’s Degree in Fashion Design/

During her studies she attended two training sessions in the Photography department of La Cambre /

She also interned at various fashion houses in Paris, London, Amsterdam and New York/

In 2009 she worked for five months as a freelance fashion editor for the magazine l’Officiel NL+BE/

In 2012, after graduating from La Cambre, she continued working on her own creations under her name LOUISE LECONTE/

The same year, she launched the SHIELD COLLECTION, a series of round leather bags molded on true antique copper shields/

In 2013 she was given the opportunity to dress LADY GAGA/

LADY GAGA has appeared in public wearing 6 outfits that LL designed for her/

In January 2014, LL was asked to join the innovative FELLAH HOTEL-Dar al-Ma’mûn artist residency project in Marrakech/

Her position was Creative Director/

She was responsible for the photography, films, graphic & web design and all things related to the visual identity of the project/

She also decorated the rooms, restaurant, shops, gym, kid's club and many of the hotel's amenities - and she loved it! /

Now she works as a Fashion Designer, Fashion Consultant and Creative Director/