FELLAH HOTEL is located on the outskirt of Marrakech at the foot of the Atlas mountains. From its conception, the Fellah Hotel model was based on the cohabitation and fruitful relationship between a luxury hotel and an art center, Dar al-Ma’mûn, which hosts an artist residency in visual arts, a research center in literary translation, a well provided library and a wealth of educational activities for children and adults from the surroundings. The coexistence of both entities creates a multi-disciplinary platform leading to a singular travel experience where people can meet and learn from each other.

LOUISE LECONTE was appointed Creative Director of the project, thus responsible for creating and managing its visual identity including interior design, product design, web design and social media management, photography, filmmaking and graphic design. She also helped on the commercial side of the project by writing press releases and attending the renowned LE Miami hotel fair where she was in charge of introducing the project to close to 60 buyers over the course of 4 days.

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